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List of Materials for the Plein Air Workshop.

Painting Materials

The items in this list are essential items that you will need to have a good experience during our workshop. Of course if you have painted outdoor before or if you have more tools that you like, bring them along. Just remember that every extra item adds weight and you will have to carry or roll it along.

Easel or Pochade or Paint Box or Cigar Box:

Essentially something you can prop your paper or block on while you paint. If you are using a pochade, please remember to bring a tripod if you use it while standing. Otherwise it can be as simple as a board that you prop on your lap or as elaborate as a French easel. Your choice. If you need to, make sure you have a carrier that you can roll to avoid carrying everything. Comfort is part of us having fun.


Round #8, #10 & #12. These will be your work-horses so chose them wisely. There are good synthetic brushes out there so I am not going to ask you to buy Kolinsky Sables.

Mop brush #4 or #6


We are going to be doing a lot of exercises both in class and at home so we will need a lot of paper. I have found that for exercise there are a lot of choices of student grade paper that will work just fine for us. That should save you a lot of money. Here is what you will need (See picture for easy reference).

A sketchbook. (12”x9”) is good. I buy mine from ABOVE GROUND. They have 60 pages and are of decent weight. Ask your shop what they have, but don’t get a pad that has less than 60 pages or so. This is a sketchbook/notebook that we will use to take notes and do tests and exercises. Nothing finished will end up on this sketchbook.

A pad or block of Arches 140lb cold pressed paper 9”x12” or larger (Green and Black). We will do our finished work on this one. You can also get a Fabriano Artistic (NOT STUDIO) pad if you prefer.


You may have a set of colours already. If so, I don’t want you to buy new ones as long as the ones you have are ARTIST QUALITY paints. So please look through your paints and make sure they say PROFESSIONAL or ARTIST QUALITY on the tubes or pans. There are only a few brands of artist quality paints sold in Ontario. They are:.

- Winsor & Newton (Artist not Cotman) paints

- Da Vinci Artist Watercolours


- Daniel Smith

- H. Graham

- Grumbacher watercolor paints (Not Academy)

- Holbein

The ones we don’t want are:

- Yarka

- Winsor & Newton Cotman colours

- Van Gogh

- Reeves

- Grumbacher Academy

- Art Loft

- Marie

- Anything else that you find.

OK, now for the actual paints. Here is a list of the ones I recommend. If you have any, great. If you have something that you believe is similar, please email me to make sure. You don’t have to buy all of these in one shot, but you will need the top 6 for sure.

- Hansa Yellow Light, Lemon Yellow or Cadmium Lemon  

- Indian Yellow or Cadmium Yellow     

- French Ultramarine Blue      

- Phthalo Blue (Green Shade)     

- Permanent Red, Cadmium Red or Cadmium Scarlet   

- Alizarin Crimson or Carmine     

- Oxide of Chromium       

- Permanent Sap Green or Hooker’s Green    

- Yellow Ochre       

- Burnt Sienna       

- Van Dyke Brown       

- Chinese White       

A week before the workshop, decant your colours into the palette paint holders and let the colours dry overnight.

Other Art Materials

1- A small pocket sketch pad (3x5 is excellent)

2- HB, 2B and 6B Pencils

3- Kneaded Eraser

4- View finder ( you can make your own if you wish by cutting a 2.5”x3.5” square in a 4”x6” black foam board

5- Box of tissue or rags

6- Plastic bag to collect your garbage

Comfort Materials

1- Hat

2- Sun screen and bug repellant

3- Folding chair (preferably without arm rests) or folding stool (bring two if you don’t have an easel and you can use one to paint on

4- Water to drinking

5- Lunch and snacks

6- Wear comfortable neutral coloured clothes with long sleeve t-shirts if possible. You are better off in jeans than shorts and sox and shoes than sandals.

7- Baby wipes to clean your hand before snack and lunch

Nice to haves

1- Small mirror

2- Pliers

3- Tylenol, medications etc…