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Brian Buckrell -  Blue Mountain School of Landscape Painters

Fundamentals for Landscape Painting 2019

Supply and Equipment List       

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Reference photos

Bring a selection of reference photos  – the larger size and more variety of subject the better.  Have at least a dozen to choose from

Painting surfaces - for morning painting exercises as well as for making your afternoon paintings

Sizes   – 11x14, 12x16

I recommend 10 canvas boards or low cost canvases for exercises

At least six better quality for paintings

Drawing – for planning sketches and thumbnails

Bring your choice of drawing materials

Pencils I use  -4B,, 6B

Sharpie pens – fine – Staples

drawing pad up to 8x11

ruler or straight edge

viewfinder -  I use View Catcher but others fine

acrylic markers .2mm or .4 mm  have at least one dark (black/purple/deep blue) and one mid value grey and a white or any light colour – Montana, Liquatex, Molotow  all good

Painting equipment

bring usual acrylic or oil painting supplies and equipment

table top or floor easel

for acrylics recommend a 12x16 Stay Wet Palette, Large disposable Mixing Paper also fine. Do not bring small hand held palettes. Need to be able to put out paints to learn to mix

palette knife

water containers

hair dryer

paper towels or rags

soap etc for cleaning brushes

Rubber colour shaper - I  use rubber shapers particularly in acrylics – 2”  not essential but think you would benefit from the investment


bring your preferred brand and colours - artist grade only

colours should include a warm and cool of each primary plus convenience colours you like

bring a neutral value 5 gray and a black - ivory black preferred  

bring the Golden Fluids listed below

My ACRYLIC colours. I work from this list but do not put all out – depends on the painting. Particularly recommend those underlined.

o titanium white

o buff white  

o cad yellow light

o yellow ochre

o indian yellow

o nickle azo yellow

o transparent green gold

o cad  orange

o quinacradone burnt orange

o transparent red iron oxide

o cad red light

o alizarin crimson or quinacradone violet – tube and liquid

o dioxazine purple

o ultramarine blue

o pthalo blue – green or red

o viridian

o a neutral gray value 5

o burnt sienna

o chrome oxide green

o raw umber

o Ivory black

o Liquatex - Light Blue Permanent, Light Blue Violet, Crimson

o Stephenson - Pthalo Cerulean Blue, Pthalo Turquoise


bring Golden Liquids - small bottle fine

o Phthalo Blue Green Shade

o Quinacridone Violet

o Quinacridone Burnt Orange

acrylic gloss medium of any brand

squirt bottle to mix half water half acrylic gloss medium

small jar High Solid  Gel Gloss for creating texture

4 small empty jars with lids – for holding premixed paints

Brushes Acrylic

o bring what you like to use but DO NOT BRING worn out old brushes

o I use a mix of water colour brushes  and acrylic synthetics - mostly flats and brights and a few smaller to rigger

o I would like you to bring at least a couple of water colour brushes -  at least 1" and one smaller (I use Opus Alegro - but any fine) and I would like you to try a firm wide bright – eg. Opus Legato – at least one inch or larger

o Bring a few smaller brushes - riggers or small rounds - No 2-4 in most makes

Oil Painters

I will be doing demos and exercises in acrylics. Oils are welcome as long as you are confident  working with the medium.

Odorless mineral spirits only

Palette suitable for putting paints out and mixing.

Your normal colour selection – but consider the acrylic list.

Any questions  -