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Sam Paonessa: oil/acrylic:: June 5-9, 2017    en plein air

Material List

 Sturdy plein air easel :French easel that uses Philip screws ( Not   rivets) SolTek, EasyL, Stradad  or light painting support board (eg plexiglass)

 sketchbook, water (liquid) containers, paper towel

 pencils: 2B, 4B, willow charcoal, sharpener, eraser, palette knife

 brushes;) Filberts 3,4,8,10 (Even Larger if budget allows)Flats- 6, 8 , Rounds- 2,4 -Have some flat and round soft hair synthetic brushes

 palette: disposable or reusable surface e.g: Sta-Wet Masterson Palette

 canvas, masonite or canvas panels ( sugg. Size: 9X12, 12 X16, 8

 sealable liquid containers

Oil or Acrylic Paints  (not student grade

 Titaniam white (large )

 Ultramarine blue, phthalo blue

 Cad. Yellow or pale, cad yellow deep

 Cad red light

 Alizarin crimson

 Viridian

 Perm green light

 Burnt umber

 Raw umber

 Ivory black

Optional: quinacridone magenta or permanent rose, sap green, cad orange, cobalt blue, manganes blue

Oil Painting mediums- Walnut Oil Alkyd Medium (Graham) OR GALKYD (Gamblin) Odourless mineral spirits and container

Acrylic Painting Medium, Slo Dri Medium OR Painting Gel (Matte or Gloss), water container

PREPARING SURFACES for OIL or ACRYLIC PAINTING:  Please prepare several various sized panels or canvas with a tone using acrylic gesso and burnt umber acrylic to achieve a mid tone. Also prepare a few surfaces using a gesso and cool grey and 2 or 3 using a pale yellow and yellow ochre. For experienced artists, feel free to use a colour if you have a preference for tinting  Please note: you cannot mix Acrylic Gesso with oil paint.

DON”T FORGET: sun hat. comfortable shoes,  liquid containers , portable chair/stool