Blue Mountain School of Landscape Painting, Box 295, Collingwood, L9Y 3Z5.   

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About Us

We are a non-profit organization offering a series of plein air (and in-studio) landscape painting workshops each spring/summer in the South Georgian Bay area.  

Plein air is a French term for outdoors and plein air painting is simply that - painting outdoors.  Indeed, before the invention of photography, truly capturing the beauty of the landscape would have involved plein air painting.  

Today, many artists are still drawn to the wonderful experience of painting outdoors.  Having all senses engaged while immersed in the landscape you are painting and being part of nature’s spontaneous changes help connect you with the landscape and add life to your painting. It allows you to capture a landscape’s true colours, light and shadows, scale and 3-D nature, things that can be difficult when painting from a photograph.

Of course, plein air painting is not without its challenges. Just lugging your stuff to a site is challenging enough, but weather (e.g. wind) can also make things tricky and the ability to correctly translate that blue sky, 3-D illusion and increased light intensity onto canvas requires technical knowledge and learned skills.

Our workshops offer a chance to experience the joy of painting outdoors and feel the enthusiasm of painting with a group of like-minded artists. Our inspiring and knowledgeable workshop instructors cater to all levels, work in a variety media and introduce you to plein air painting techniques. You will gain an understanding, appreciation and, hopefully, a love of plein air painting.

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